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Our Mission is to educate, nurture, and develop all learners to be self-directed and to strive for excellence with confidence and integrity by working cooperatively with students, staff, parents, and community.     Please stay home & stay safe during these unprecedented times.
Budget Salary MI School Election 2020

LMS Locker Clean-out: June 4th

Lockers-  All items from the students academic locker will be placed in a bag.  The bags will be located in the cafeteria.  We are asking that you drive up to the north side of the building by the football field.  We have doors that lead right to the cafeteria, by the basketball hoops.  Please stay in your car, we have a staff member that will greet you and get your students bag and bring it to your car.  

Band Lockers-  Mr. Rabenold has emptied all the band lockers and labeled the students belongings.  Unfortunately, he had to cut the locks.  Please park on the west side of the building by the band room and we will allow one parent to enter the band room at a time to get their child's belongings.  Mr. Rabenold will be in the band room to assist.  We will also have a staff member assigned to this location assisting with the process.  

PE Lockers- We will have all PE lockers opened.  Please use the main parking lot on the south side of the building.  The locker rooms have exterior doors that lead outside.  We will have a staff member at each door to assist.  We will allow one parent in the locker room at a time.  The staff member assigned to this area will assist you with your child's gym locker number. 

Medicine- All medicine can be picked up at the main door.  A staff member will communicate with you through the secure entrance system.  

Library Books & Chromebooks- Please return all library books and Chromebooks (or other school items) at this time.  We will have tables set up outside you can place them on or you can give them to a staff member when picking up your locker bag.