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Linden Community Schools closed December 24 - January 1.   Wishing you a very HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON!!!
Budget Salary MI School


Brett Young
Director of Curriculum &
Instructional Services
Michelle Callard
Adminstrative Asst./Personnel Services & Curriculum
School Improvement
HNCA accredited schools and districts collaborate to:
  • Develop standards
  • Apply standards
  • Engage each other in an internal self-study
  • Organize on-site evaluations by external reviewers.
The accreditation process:
  • Encourages schools to engage in continuous improvement through standards and peer review
  • Measures a wide variety of inputs, processes and outputs includes a wide variety of stakeholders in the improvement process
  • Criteria for applying standards are known
  • Measures align with the Michigan Curriculum Framework
  • Controls for socioeconomic status through disaggregation of data
  • Uses multiple measures of student achievement
  • Includes all students Criteria included are under control of the school
  • Includes trend data rather than one-year snapshots Includes both quantitative and qualitative measures
  • Analyses examine best instructional practices