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February 12, 2007

District Level Facility Committee

Meeting Notes for February 12, 2007

This meeting was a scheduled meeting to tour the Linden High School and Central Elementary to view the areas of need and to discuss them.

The High School needs were explained before the tour began by Athletic Director, Darin Dreasky. However, due do weather conditions the committee could not view outside needs.

During our tour the committee got to see the condition of the locker rooms and view the damage to the balcony area in the gym. It was discussed that the entire south wing of the building needs to be painted, which consists of everything south of the media center. Brian Boudreau, Principal of the High School suggested a graffiti proof paint. The ceiling tile replacement was commented on at this time. Greg Vadasz, Director of Operations, did state all corridor and classroom ceiling tiles in the south wing need replacing.

The next area of concern was the LAC room. This room needs a permanent wall to separate it into two rooms. At this time one side is used computers and the other for a classroom, where students can go for extra assistance with their assignments. The High School would like permanent walls blocking these two rooms and a window space for teachers to view the computer area for monitoring purposes.

The committee discussed the need requested by the High School for a more open main office area. The High School would like for the main office to be more accessible to students and parents, by putting in a double entry door and window viewing area. A major concern is the security factor of the set up now, the office staff does not have an expanded area to view the front entry. Brief discussion was held about possible ideas for this area.

While a lot of items have been updated in the auditorium; such as seats, lighting and carpeting, the stage area still needs attention. The stage needs to refinished, the surface is worn and has not been refinished for about seven years. It has had some filling and painting, however, it needs a total refinish.

The need for crosswalk signage and white boards in all classrooms, except for the new edition rooms, were mentioned and the committee agreed this signage is a necessity.

At Central Elementary, Linda Tottingham, Principal explained to the committee the need for a permanent wall between two classrooms 19A-19B and a window that needed to be installed in another office door. We also looked at the current cafeteria tables and talked about different options for replacement. Linda would like to see round tables like those used at Hyatt El. She stated that Central Elementary has very few needs compared to the High School, however, these are a few priorities that her building has at this time.

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 20th @ 4:30 pm. We plan to tour Linden Elementary, Hyatt Elementary and Argentine Elementary to view the identified needs for each location.