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LCS Stadium & Track will be closed May 7 through Late August for construction improvements.
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District Facility Needs List

*The green highlighted items are being or have been completed as part of the Bond Issue or the Energy Conservation Project.

*The following lists are not necessarily in priority order.




Eliminate portables                                                  

New carpet/tile in classrooms                                   

New carpet library                                                       

New carpet office space                           

Ventilation A/C                                                           

More meeting space                                                                    

More storage rooms/hallways/work areas            

Paint classrooms                                                     

Wire portables for network capabilities               

Larger classrooms                                                

More electrical/computer/phone outlets and existing ones moved

Remove chalkboards/hang white boards  
Storage units to put supplies in  
More bathrooms (students and staff)
Brown water    
Exhaust in all bathrooms (students & faculty)
Separate gymnasium/cafeteria
Replace ceiling tiles and upgrade lighting 
Update computers (classrooms and lab)
Remove asbestos classroom floor tile   
Wire classrooms with user friendly plugs





Add water fountains                                                           

Reinforce bookshelves

More bathrooms                                                       

Handicap bathrooms needed          

Brown water                                                            

 More meeting space           

Separate gym/cafeteria/multi-purpose room            

Permanent walls (Room 19 & 19B)

Carpet classrooms                                                   

More art room sinks              

Carpet art room, music room, & library                   

User friendly plugs in classrooms

Paint classroom walls                                                 

Replace cafeteria tables

Part art room, music room, & library                        

Match desks/furniture in rooms

Remove asbestos                                                       

Make office area visitor friendly

Wire portables                                                           

Ceiling fans to move air  
5th grade tornado area unsafe  
Additional telephones  
Locked storage  

Ventilation/AC/exhaust systems   
Eliminate portables/larger classsrooms                                                                                  

Separate parking lot from sidewalk (fence, curb)

Sewer renovation    
Two-way communication                                                        

Networked computer/printer library

Bus area unsafe                                                         

Repair & paint curbs              

Fix cracked flooring/missing grout in walls               

Replace blackboards with white boards

Absorbent runners/halls/music room                         

Move clock in computer lab  

Playground upgrades                                                 

Plant grass/soccer field

Coat hooks moved/more classroom space                

Playground storage  
Replace classroom ceiling tile/upgrade lighting


Refinish cabinets/classroom doors

      (Rooms, hallways, grade level, library, & computer lab)      

 Remove/replace gymnasium flooring
Upgrade computers




Ventilation A/C                                                         

Replace/repaint ceiling tiles

Eliminate portables                                        

Window cleaning/replacement/caulking       

New carpet                                                     

Window blind replacement

More bathrooms (student and faculty)          

New gymnasium floor

Emergency exits                                             

Storage cabinets needed                    

Replace cafeteria tables                                 

Need for locked storage in most rooms        

Remove freezers from gym                            

Reinforce bookshelves          

Improve water filter system                           

Media center storage                         

Regulation of building heating system          

Physical education equipment                      

Inadequate space for classroom storage        

Ventilation in all areas                      

Student bathrooms handicap accessible        

Building air-conditioning     



Staff bathroom handicap accessible              

Update computers (classrooms and lab)

Inadequate space for office storage               

Additional telephones           

Increase gymnasium                                       

Bus area pickup not safe

Common keyed building/classrooms             

Parking area               

Front entrance handicap entrance ramp         

Cement repair on playground                       

Ventilation system for gymnasium                

Curb repair     

Increase student bathroom facilities              

Fence repair    

Classroom window screens                            

Parent pick-up/drop-off area insufficient

Additional water fountains                            

Playground upgrade/repair                 

PA system updated                                        

Sidewalks repaired                 

Paint throughout building                              

Playground equipment storage

Student desk replacement           

Update lighting throughout building             




Planning for the needs listed below will begin January 2005

Ventilation A/C                                                         

Update Computers (Classrooms and Lab)

Lockers Replaced and Area Enlarged                                   

Wire Portables for Network Capabilities      

Ventilation in all Areas                                              

Parking Areas Insufficient    

New Carpet                                                               

Parent Pick-up/Drop off Area Insufficient

Science Lab/Classrooms Needed                               

Electrical Outlets Updated/Repaired 

PA system Updated                                                   

Update Fire Alarms                          

Paint throughout Building                                         

Sidewalks Replaced               

Replace/Repaint Ceiling Tiles                                    

Media Center Storage                       

Larger Cafeteria                                                         

Cafeteria Storage      

Need for Locked Storage in Most Rooms                 

Office Area Storage  

Eliminate Portables                                                    

Physical Education Equipment                     

All Outside Doors Replaced                                      

Signs Needed for Emergencies                     

Separate Access for 7 Classrooms                             

Formica Replacement in Classrooms 

Increase Student and Staff Bathroom Facilities        

Portables Handicap Accessible         

Make Student/Staff Bathrooms Handicap Accessible          

Separate Office Area

Student Desk Replacement/Repair                            

New Carpet Throughout                    

Additional Telephone/Communication to and from Classrooms





Heating/Cooling updated
New carpet-throughout
New carpet
Paint throughout building
Ventilation in all areas
Electrical Lighting
Auditorium-Repair seats
 Electrical outlets updated
Replace lockers
Replace/repaint ceiling tiles
Update communication system
Replace baseboards in classroom
Showers in locker rooms
Auditorium-Refinish stage floor
Ceiling tiles replaced
Gymnasium painted
Telephones in each classroom
Teacher Lounge Furniture
Ventilation in gymnasium updated

Update handicap bathrooms
Additional classrooms
Classroom storage areas
Additional outlets
Upgrade Technology-Entire building
Independent light switches
Additional parking needed
Circuit breaker updates
Parking/entrance/exit of building
Electrical outlets updated/repaired
New track surface
Additional lockers
Building code entrance
Auxiliary Gym/Locker rooms
Additional athletic field (Soccer)
Desk Replacement
Irrigation system/drainage system
Replace E-bank lockers
Gymnasium lighting updated
Football stadium storage
Update/expand weight room