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Technology Policies, Guidelines & Plan

7540 - Computer Technology and Networks
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The Board of Education is comm= itted to the effective use of technology to both enhance the quality of student learning and the efficiency of District operations. It also recognizes that safeguards have to be established to ensure that the District's investment = in both hardware and software is achieving the benefits of technology and inhibiting negative side effects.

The Superintendent is directed= to establish administrative guidelines not only for proper acquisition of technology but also to ensure that staff and students are making appropriate and ethical use of the computers and other equipment as well as any networks that may be established.

The Superintendent shall also = ensure that both staff and students are adequately informed about disciplinary act= ions that will be taken if District technology and/or networks are abused in any= way or used in an illegal or unethical manner.
7540.01 - Technology Privacy
The Board of Education recognizes its staff members' right to privacy in their personal lives. The District has established this policy to inform staff members of the District's position with respect to staff-member privacy in the workplace and to protect the District's interests.

All computers, telephone systems, electronic mail systems, and voice mail systems are the District's property and are to be used primarily for business purposes. The District retains the right to access and review all electronic and voice mail, computer files, data bases, and any other electronic transmissions contained in or used in conjunction with the District's computer system, telephone system, electronic mail system, and voice mail system. Staff members should have no expectation that any information contained on such systems is confidential or private.

Review of such information may be done by the District with or without the staff member's knowledge. The use of passwords does not guarantee confidentiality, and the District retains the right to access information in spite of a password. All passwords or security codes must be registered with the District. A staff member's refusal to permit such access may be grounds for discipline up to and including discharge.

Computers, electronic mail, and voice mail are to be used for business purposes. Personal messages via District-owned technology should be limited in accordance with the Superintendent's guidelines. Staff members are encouraged to keep their personal records and personal business at home.

Because the District's computer and voice mail systems are to be used primarily for business purposes, staff members are prohibited from sending offensive, discriminatory, or harassing computer, electronic, or voice mail messages.

This policy is necessary to ensure that District resources are used properly. Review of computer files, electronic mail, and voice mail will only be done in the ordinary course of business and will be motivated by a legitimate business reason. If a staff member's personal information is discovered, the contents of such discovery will not be reviewed by the District, except to the extent necessary to determine if the District's interests have been compromised. Any information discovered will be limited to those who have a specific need to know that information.

The administrators and supervisory staff members authorized by the Superintendent have the authority to search and access information electronically.

All computers and any information or software contained therein are property of the District. Staff members shall not remove or communicate any such information in any form for their personal use or for the use of others. In addition, staff members may not copy software on any District computer and may not bring software from outside sources for use on District equipment without the prior approval of the Superintendent. Such pre-approval will include a review of any copyright infringements or virus problems associated with such outside software.
7540.02 - District Web Page
The Board of Education authorizes the creation of web sites by employees and students of the School District to be published on the World Wide Web. The creation of web sites by students must be done under the supervision of a professional staff member. These web sites must reflect the professional image of the District, its employees, and students. The content of all pages must be consistent with the School District's Mission Statement.

The purpose of the web site is to educate, inform, and communicate. The following criteria should be used to guide the development of such web sites:

A. Educate

Content provided in the web site should be usable by students and teachers to support the curriculum and School District Objectives as listed in the District's Strategic Plan.



Content may inform the community about the school, teachers, students, or departments, including information about curriculum, events, class projects, student activities, and departmental policies.



Content may provide an avenue to communicate with the community.

The information contained on the web site should reflect and support the District's Mission Statement, Educational Philosophy, and the School Improvement Process.

When the content includes a photograph or information relating to a student the District will abide by the provisions of Policy 8330 - Student Records.

All links included on the pages must also meet the above criteria.

Under no circumstances is a web site to be used for commercial purposes or to provide financial gains for any individual.

Pages should reflect an understanding that both internal and external audiences will be viewing the information.

School web sites must be located on District-affiliated servers.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines defining the standards permissible for web-site use.