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Our Mission is to educate, nurture, and develop all learners to be self-directed and to strive for excellence with confidence and integrity by working cooperatively with students, staff, parents, and community.     Please stay home & stay safe during these unprecedented times.
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School Bus Rules

Who qualifies for Transportation?

Michigan State Law does not require a school district to provide transportation to and from school. The Linden Community School District, as a courtesy to the public, provides transportation to all students who live outside the designated walk area. The Linden Community School District has established a one pick up one drop off policy. This means that a student must have the same pick up point Monday through Friday and the same drop off point Monday through Friday. The morning pick up location may be different from the afternoon drop off point.

Bus Basics
COVID-19 Return to School Plan requires that all students have assigned seats on the bus.  Students must also use hand sanitizer when boarding and exiting a bus.  Students are REQUIRED to wear a mask while on the bus. 
  1. Follow the direction of the school bus driver promptly.
  2. Remain seated at all times.
  3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  4. Avoid loud, boisterous conduct and other actions distracting to the driver.
  5. Respect the rights and property of others, including bus property.
  6. Food, beverages, and candy and NOT to be consumed on the bus.
The BUS BASICS are designed to ensure that everyone has a safe and pleasant ride on the school bus. We ask that you review these rules with your student and stress the importance of following the rules.

Driver Authority

While on the bus, school bus drivers have the same authority as teachers in the classroom. They may give instructions, assign seats, and initiate disciplinary measures for students who misbehave or disobey.

Pick Up Procedure

Buses must operate on a definite schedule in order to arrive at school on time. All students must, therefore, be ready and waiting at the pick up point and be dressed appropriately for the weather, FIVE MINUTES BEFORE the scheduled pick up time.

Bus Discipline Procedures

For those students who choose to disregard the bus rules the following disciplinary steps will be taken:

Step One: A verbal warning is issued. Driver will address the student by name, identify the inappropriate behavior, and inform the student of the consequence that will follow if the inappropriate behavior continues.

Step Two: Driver will address the student by name, identify the inappropriate behavior, give the student a specific assigned seat. The driver will make a phone call to the parent or guardian and notify them of the problems occurring on the bus. If the student's behavior improves she or he will be allowed to return to her or his original seat at the end of the specified period. If a student's behavior does not improve while assigned to a specific seat, the student is a reap offender, or the student fails to move to the assigned seat when instructed the student will advance to step three.

Step Three: Driver will fill out a disciplinary action slip. The slip must be signed by the parent and returned to either the building principal or bus garage within 24 hours of receipt to prevent a suspension of riding privileges.

Step Four: Behavior resulting in a driver issuing a second disciplinary action slip, during the school year, will result in the suspension of bus riding privileges for three (3) consecutive days.

Step Five: A third disciplinary action for the school year will result in the suspension of riding privileges for two (2) consecutive weeks. A meeting with the parent, student, bus driver, and the transportation supervisor will be held during this period.

Step Six: With a fourth disciplinary action slip, bus riding privileges will be suspended for the remainder of the school year.

NOTE: Both Laidlaw and The District reserve the right to accelerate consequences in cases of gross misconduct and severe violations including, but not limited to, inappropriate or violent physical contact, fighting, and the possession or use of weapons or controlled substances.

APPEAL: Parents or guardians wishing to appeal or discuss their students discipline situation may contact the transportation supervisor at (810) 591-0996. Arrangements can be made to meet and discuss the situation.

Parental Responsibilities

The District's practice requires that a parent or other designated responsible adult be visible at the bus stop for students at, or under, the first grade level. If a child must cross the street to board the bus, the responsible adult must escort the child across the road. Children without adult supervision present at the bus stop will be instructed to remain on the bus and will then be transported to the Eagles Club located at Argentine Elementary. There will be a fee for this service. Parents of students in second through fifth grade may make a written request that this procedure be used for their older children. We will make every attempt to honor each of these requests.