Pistons Flyer

Here is communication we have received from LCA staff.  We are looking forward to a fantastic event down at Little Caesars Arena! 

* Fans and family can enter through the Meijer Entrance at 11:30am and head down Portal 15 to get to Section 109

* We have access to the floor from 12:00-3:30pm.  We must be off the court at 3:30pm

Tentative Time Frame

             - 12:00-12:10pm - Girls Warm-Up

             - 12:10-12:15pm - Starting Line-Ups

             - 12:15-12:45pm - Girls 1st Half

             - 12:45-1:00pm - Halftime 

             - 1:00-1:30pm - Girls 2nd Half 

             - 1:30-1:35pm - Girls Exit the Court

              - 1:35-1:45pm - Boys Warm-Up

              - 1:45-1:50pm - Starting Line-Ups

              - 1:50-2:20pm - Boys 1st Half 

              - 2:20-2:35pm - Halftime

              - 2:35-3:05pm - Boys 2nd Half

               - 3:05 - 3:30pm - Exit the Court/Stadium

 * They will have a temporary three point line put down on the court.

* The Meijer entrance will be open for the duration of both games. 

* Once both games are completed EVERYONE must leave the arena through the Meijer entrance. Make sure to get your Pistons ticket unscanned.

* Everyone is allowed back into the arena once gates open for the Pistons game at 5:30pm and will get their Pistons ticket scanned again.

* They recommend families, players, and coaches to not leave their parking spots - It is recommended to walk to local stores and restaurants to kill time before gates open for the Pistons game.  The District Market inside the arena is open at 4pm if people would like to go there, but must enter it from the outside of the arena.  

* Please make sure that all of your kids have their tickets.  They will need them to get in.