smartphone showing someone being scammed

This is a public service announcement for our community and the public reminding everyone to be vigilant of scam emails which may appear to be from a Linden Community Schools employee. No known scams have succeeded but we do occasionally hear of attempts and want to remind everyone this does happen on occasion, including some recently.

A common email scam is for a bad actor to create an account on a free email service using the name of a well known employee or building to help provide authenticity to the message. The message typically is an urgent request to send money via ACH/wire, send gift cards, pay a bill, open an attachment, or some other instructions. We recommend not engaging with these emails and deleting them. No district employee should be contacting you from an email address other than their official account. If you receive an email from in your spam folder, it may be from fraudulent source and further investigation on your end may need to occur.

While the school does use some forms of electronic payment for dues and fines, we recommend that unless you are certain the request/links are legitimate, you can safely access the payment sites via the links on our website. You may also receive documentation brought home by your student or picked up directly from the school or office with instructions how to check status or make payment. Do not follow instructions shared with you from others as they may be altered.

If you have a question about the authenticity of a message you receive from your school, please call using the number posted on our website, or visit the office for more information.