On August 3, 2020, Linden Community Schools will seek a renewal of the current, not to exceed 18 mills non-homestead operating millage. The actual ballot language will ask district voters to keep the current millage rate of 20.3746 mills for nine years (2021-2030).   The Non-Homestead Operating millage does not apply to primary residences and, or other exempt such as qualified agricultural property.  For non-homestead property owners (commercial, business, rental properties, and etc.), this millage request is to maintain current tax levels, not to increase them.

Why is the renewal of the Non-Homestead Operating millage important?  The current millage comprises about $2 million of the district’s operating budget.  These funds can be used to pay for classroom supplies, classroom resources, staffing, and other items needed to operate the district’s buildings.  If this millage renewal is not approved, the state will not make up the difference and Linden Community Schools would lose approximately $2 million in revenue a year.

The Non-Homestead Operating millage renewal is not a new tax and not a tax increase.  The Non-Homestead Operating millage has been in place since 1995 as part of Michigan’s school funding program under Proposal A.  With a renewal, non-homestead properties will continue to pay their current millage rate of 18 mills.