Cell phone with call from Unknown Caller

On Tuesday, February 1st we are making changes to the phone line used for sending voice alerts to parents, guardians, and students.  ALL voice alerts, regardless of which building they are from, will now originate from (810) 591-0280.  

Please add this phone number to the contact list in your mobile device as LCS Voice Alert to ensure that you don’t miss any important calls from Linden Community Schools.  

Daily attendance calls will also originate from this phone number.  Notifications from Linden Community Schools may also be viewed in your email account on record, our Linden Community Schools mobile app, and/or our website.  Student attendance information is also available in ParentVue . 

ParentVue can be accessed through the mobile app or from the Quick Link at the top of our website home pages.  Download the Linden Community Schools app on Android: https://bit.ly/3lAOqNt or iPhone: https://apple.co/2ViwXyh.